Everyone's an Artist

“I must study politics and war so that my sons may study mathematics and philosophy in order to give their children the right to study painting, poetry, music and architecture . . .”

President John Quincy Adams


 We Hear Every Day: Math and Science Are Key  . . .

                     But what Rounds Us Out for a Quality Life  (and provides a boost to our economy) ?


  • Painting, pottery, sculpture, music, dance, writing, photography, drama . . .our village has many ARTS resources.

  • Nurture, support, and enhance the ARTS and culture in Corrales.

  • Expand lives in our area while benefiting from the powerful economic driver that a flourishing ARTS program can bring.

  • Become involved. Help Us . . Join Us . .

          Learn about the Corrales ARTS Center and its Mission on the following pages.





CAC Has Rented a Facility !!!

CAC Has Entered Into a Lease Agreement For Suite 100 In the Village Plaza After many months attempting to enter an agreement with the Village of Corrales for utilization of Village properties in the Village Center, and facing the complications of meeting the anti donation clause in the State Constitution, the Corrales Arts Center has …

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